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SATs Results, 2016

This was the first year of the new style (and more difficult) SATs.   The figures below are provisional.

We had no benchmark to work to and had no idea of what the national figures might be. The children’s marks were converted into a scaled score with a score of 100 being the ‘pass’ score; anything at 100 or above means the standard has been met. 

KS2 SATS 2016 – Provisional figures                                                    KS1 SATS – Provisional figures
% achieving the standard (Scaled score of 100)                              % meeting the standard

Subject  School  National      Subject  School National 
Reading 80% 66%   Reading 66% 74%
SPAG 83% 72%   Writing 64% 65%
Maths 69% 70%   Maths 71% 713%
Writing 67% 74%        

R, W, M


56% 53%        
KS2 Progress (0 = national average Minimum Sufficient Progress Scores
Reading         + 2.7 -5.0
Writing           - 3.5 -7.0
Maths            - 0.4 -5.0
The Department for Education Performance Tables for Combe Down and all schools in the country are available by clicking on this link:

For more information about Assessment/SATS, please see our Assessment page.