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Welcome to Year 4

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Welcome to the Year 4 Page,  25th May 2018

The children have had a fun packed and hard working term 5, and all deserve a good rest next week!  

They've done some superb work on 'Islands' and finished this week by inventing their own island, which they presented to their classes this week. 

Holiday Homework

We would like to see a real push on X tables over the holiday, as lots of children have some way to go yet before they are secure on their X tables knowledge.  They all have the new spellings to begin working on too.

In addition, they have a piece of Space homework to complete.  They have all chosen a planet, which they are going to research.  They have to imagine that they ARE the planet, and describe their 'personality'. For example, if they are Mars, they might begin with:

"I am the most important of all planets, because I am named after the Roman god of war and agriculture.  I'm quite similar to your Earth, except that I have much bigger mountains than you......."

They can also produce a model, if they like, which we will display in class.

We wish you and your families a very lovely holiday,

The Year 4 Team



 Core Homework:   Reading (at least 3 times per week recorded in Reading records please.

                                Spelling (following the termly list sent out)

                                Time tables (depending on the children's personal targets from 50 questions)

                                 Fortnightly homework: Sent out in a homework book with clear instructions of the task set.