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3rd July 2015

Summer seems to have arrived at last and just in time for the PTA Summer Fair tomorrow! I really hope that as many of you as possible can come along to this great annual event that the PTA have worked so hard to put together; it doesn’t just happen!

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School Lunch Surveys 2015

The Parent Forum has been very busy again recently. The subject of our last two meetings has been School Meals and you may remember we recently sent out a questionnaire to hear about your child's view of them.

Two parents from the Forum, Mrs Squire and Mrs Henderson also conducted a food waste survey, have a look at the results of that and the FS/KS1 questionnaire here. This is a fantastic piece of work and we thank them for their efforts.

The results of the KS2 questionnaire were collated by Mrs Holness and can be read here.

Both sets of results will be discussed by the Senior Leadership Team, with a view to finding a way to implement some suggestions.  Please be aware that although all feedback is very welcome it is not possible to implement every suggestion made.



Solar Eclipse, Friday 20th March 2015

It was great to see so many enthusiastic children (and parents!) with their home-made pinhole viewers, hoping to get first-hand experience of the partial solar eclipse this morning. 

The total-white-out of cloud didn't look promising at first, but the sky gradually cleared and we started to get some glimpses and even a couple of photos.  Eventually it showed beautifully, so that some children got the chance to see it through a welding mask (kindly supplied by Ki's parents) and we were able to project the image of the sun onto card with binoculars and watch how it moved across the page as the earth turned.

Eclipse photo 

Red Nose Day 13th March 2015

Thank you to everyone who made their face 'funny for money' today and contributed to this fantastic charity.

I am delighted to announce we raised £303.30!  Well done everyone!

'I AM' by Class 3T

Please click here to read 3T's thought provoking poem about bullying, written during our annual anti-bullying week.


Snowy Weather, 3rd February 2015

Wasn't it beautiful this morning with a light dusting of snow on everything?  We are not expecting to have any heavy snowfalls this week, but it will be bitterly cold, so please make sure your child wears a nice warm coat (hat and gloves may also be a good idea!).

We thought it may be an opportune time to remind you of our policy regarding extreme weather conditions:

If there has been a large snowfall overnight, a decision will be made by 8.00am if we need to remain closed - we need to ensure the roads and pathways in and around the school site are safe to use, and enough staff members are able to get in to enable us to open (many staff do not live within walking distance).

We will post a message here if we are closed, and this information will also be on the B&NES website -

It is unusual for the school to be closed due to snowfall; the main roads to school are usually well-gritted and enable staff and pupils to get here. We will only close the school in exceptional circumstances, if it is not safe for children to be on site due to very snowy/icy conditions, or if a large number of staff are unable to come in. 

If school is open we expect all children to attend as normal.


Hope 4 Harmonie Donations

We are delighted to confirm you donated an amazing £419.56 to the Hope 4 Harmonie appeal on our Mufti Day on Friday 14th November!  

This does not include all the donations made for pink ribbons as they went into a separate pot, so the true figure donated will be higher.  Thank you for your generosity, we know Harmonie-Rose’s family will be very grateful indeed. 

Mr Bullard 

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