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Parent Forum

The purpose of a Parent Forum is to act as a communication channel between parents and school.  It allows parents to put their views to the senior management team and staff, as well as giving school managers a means of asking parents for their views on specific topics.

Membership of the Parent Forum is voluntary, we hope that over time more parents will put themselves forward for membership; ideally each Key Stage should be represented equally among the members.

The Parent Forum is separate from the PTA and from the school governors.  The PTA exists to organise extra-curricular events and raise funds for the school.  The Governors have responsibility for the management of the school, setting policy and overseeing budgets.   The Parent Forum does not have any decision-making powers or financial resources; its main purpose is the sharing of ideas and information.

In the first instance the Forum is set by the school to ‘trial’ school ideas and plans with a cross section of the school’s parent community. This will help the school to gauge feedback for plans from the parents before proposals become policy. The Forum will gather general views, including positive comments and concerns from parents, and take these to the school for discussion.  It is not able to deal with individual issues; if you have a specific matter concerning your child, you should follow the normal route of taking it up with your class teacher in the first instance.

The Forum will meet six times each year and will be attended by Forum members as well as representatives from the school governors and senior management team.  The main topic for discussion will be decided in advance, and views will be invited from all school parents prior to the meeting.

If you would like any further information, or would like to propose a topic for discussion, please email the Parent Forum at Please note that this email address is a post box only; messages will be passed on for consideration but emails will not be responded to individually.

The Parent Forum