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Parking, Uniform and Lost Property


If you use a car to get to school could you please park considerately, observe the road markings (no parking on zig zags or double yellow lines) and keep the driveways of the homes of local residents clear. Thank you.

School Uniform Guidelines

The school colours are royal blue and grey and it is requested that the children wear:

  • A Combe Down Primary School Sweatshirt/Cardigan
  • White polo shirt/blouse
  • Grey trousers/shorts/skort/skirt/pinafore (or a blue and white gingham dress in warmer weather)
    Skirts, pinafores and dresses should sit on or below the knee, but not be longer than mid-calf. 
  • Grey/white socks or tights
  • Black school shoes or sandals (enclosed toe and heel).
    Boots are not permitted
  • Plain dark slides, blue or black scrunchies, hair bands or ribbons

All PE kit in a named bag consisting of:

  • White t-shirt (or in your child's PLAIN 'house' colour – no logos)
  • Black/Navy shorts, trainers or plimsolls
  • Black/Navy tracksuit bottoms (for those colder days!)

All children:

  • Sensible coat, of the appropriate thickness for the weather,  with hood (preferably plain dark colour)
  •  Art Shirts, Wellingtons and Waterproof Coats may be requested on occasions.
    All children should have a pair of wellingtons and a waterproof coat/trousers available for nature walks, forest school, wet days and playtimes.

Earrings, Jewellery, Hairstyles, Nail Polish and Tattoos (These rules apply to girls and boys.)

  • Children may wear a wristwatch but are not permitted to wear necklaces, charity wristbands or bracelets of any description.
  • In the interests of health and safety, we prefer the children not to wear earrings, but if they do, one pair of studs may be worn in the ear lobe only, one in each ear.  These must be removed or taped up for PE. 
    If your children are having their ears pierced, please do this in the long school holidays.
  • Children are not allowed to have extreme hair styles. For example: mohicans, beaded hair extensions, patterns shaved into the hair line, extremes of different lengths (e.g. long top hair with shaved sides or shaved undercuts) dyed hair and highlighted hair. For health and safety reasons hair below shoulder length should be tied back and long fringes clipped back (boys and girls).
  • Children must not wear nail polish, false nails, make up or tattoos.

The PTA runs a second hand uniform shop, usually on the first Friday of the month after school in the Hall Foyer. Donations of good quality clothing are always welcome, particularly plimsolls and football boots. 


Lost Property

Inevitably some clothing is lost from time to time. Lost property is stored in the Hall Foyer. If not claimed after two terms we dispose of the items. If all clothing is named we can reunite items with their owners very quickly!

Children should not bring valuable toys or personal items into school unless as part of a class project.

Mobile phones are discouraged but we understand that some upper KS2 children who walk home may have them. There is a box provided in each classroom into which (named) mobile phones must be placed at the start of each school day, to be returned to your child at the end of the day. Mobile phones must always be turned off in school and not used on the premises.