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Welcome to Reception (aka Foundation Stage)

Willow 1 - Mr Roy, Mrs Slator and Mrs Lee
Willow 2 - Mr Wainer, Mrs Fitzsimons and Mrs Fews 

This blog is a great way of keeping up to date with the work of the Foundation Stage each week. You will find here information about events coming up and what the children are/have been doing in class. Hopefully with the regular twitter updates, the blog each week and the daily drop offs, you will feel that you know what your child has been up to at school.

 w/b 9th December 2019: 

It is the week of our Christmas singing!

We have been busily rehearsing our traditional and non-traditional Christmas songs in the run up to the singing we will do for you this week!  Our two Christmas singing sessions for you will be Wednesday 11th at 9.30am, and Thursday 12th at 2.00pm.  You should have received your 1 or 2 tickets to watch your child(ren). We hope you come in ready to sing!

This past weekend was the Christmas Fayre.  The children had a lot of exciting things to do, including a visit from Santa and selling their salt-dough ornaments made the week before. The huge amount of money raised by these events by the hard-working PTA really support us in class!

Next week, we will watch the Y2 Nativity in the Church on Monday afternoon, return to Peggy Dodd Centre to sing on Tuesday afternoon, continue a range of Christmas activities, and even have a little Christmas party in class!

This week, in addition to our rehearsals, we have been doing a range of Christmas-themed activities!  Our other work detailed below is still continuing, although we have been spending more time on singing than normal. 

Every day we have been teaching Phonics in our classes, learning one or more new sounds each day or recapping those already taught sounds.  We are following Jolly Phonics, and have now taught ALL of the single letter sounds.  We are beginning to learn the Phase 3 digraphs (two letter sounds), such as ng, th, sh, ch, ai, ee and more.  Some children are already being exposed to these sounds through their range of reading texts and opportunities in class.

We are also consolidating our reading/writing of our first high-frequency words, like I, it, is, in, the and at, and beginning to learn new ones, too!  These initial words appear on 'the Duck', and we have now moved on to learning 'Dinosaur' words, too.  Please support your children's interests in these sounds and words at home. For instance, can your child find any of their newly-learned sounds or words in books or on signs?  It can be very exciting for them, and gives real-world context to what they are doing in school.  If the children can read these high-frequency words already, then could you challenge them to write them without looking?

We continue to hear the children read the range of resources in their Reading Pack!  We aim to read with your child one-to-one once each week - this will be in addition to the range of other reading opportunities in the class each day.  Please could you support us by helping your child read at home at least 3 sessions a week?  This could be practicing learned sounds, reading the high-frequency words like 'Duck' or 'Dinosaur' words, or reading your child's coloured stage book. Please note: there will inevitably be some weeks where other activities will prevent us from hearing each reader, such as the week of the Christmas shows.

Also, each child should have a Doodle Maths password.  Can they play some Maths games for short 10 minute bursts 3 times per week?  Please don't support your children with the Maths, as the programme adjusts its difficulty based on how the children do.  You can, of course, support the children in reading the questions.

We are also doing a range of number, shape and measures work at school. We are trying to become more secure in our understanding of teen numbers, amongst other things.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Foundation Stage team.

Have a lovely week,

The Foundation Stage Team