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Welcome to Reception (aka Foundation Stage)

Willow 1 - Mr Roy, Mrs Slator and Mrs Desai   
Willow 2 - Mr Wainer, Mrs Imrie, Mrs Riley and Mrs Selway

This blog is a great way of keeping up to date with the work of the Foundation Stage each week. You will find here information about events coming up and what the children are/have been doing in class. Hopefully with the nightly twitter updates, the blog each week and the daily drop offs, you will feel that you know what your child has been up to at School.

 W/E 24th May 2019

We have come to the end of Term 5, having done a lot of work around Terrific Transportation! This week we looked at air-based transportation, looking at images of the world from above and writing about what we could see from above the ground.  The children loved looking at Google Earth, and there is still plenty to explore if you had time at home!

Next term our focus shifts to 'Exciting Environments', where we look at habitats around the world (e.g. rainforests, deserts, glaciers), different countries and more.

We have begun using handwriting books in Reception! The children love showing off their best writing and doing it within the structure of starting and finishing on particular lines.  We have been looking at Curly Caterpillar letters first (a, c, d, o, g, q), which all start with a 'curly c'.  Can your child form these correctly at home?

In Phonics, we are recapping some of the taught digraphs (like 'or' and 'oa') and trigraphs ('igh', 'ear', 'air') from Phase 3. This term we will also be looking more formally at Phase 4, which involves blending consonants together at the beginning or end of words (e.g. 'cart', 'trap', 'spring') for reading and writing.  We have continued to look at how to join our taught digraphs and trigraphs, which the children are really enjoying. Joining letters together really helps children remember the order of letters in their spelling, and also leads to the handwriting skills required by the National Curriculum.

Do check the noticeboard in the corridor between the two classes for our '5 Steps to Success'.  Supporting your child with these changing targets is one way to help your child's learning! 

We will continue our P.E. as normal on Friday with our P.E. teacher Ms. Martin! The children have been learning ball skills this term.

Keep up the great work on the Duck, Dinosaur, Rocket and Ladybird words! Please support your child's reading on a daily basis.  Remember, try to save time to read stories to your children, as well.

As always, please do not hesitate to bring any questions or concerns our way.

The Foundation Stage Team