Music Lessons at Combe Down

We currently offer piano, guitar and singing lessons at Combe Down Primary School.


Piano Lessons

Theresa Dean BA(Hons), Piano Teacher         

Tel: 01225 460209          Mob: 07787 910709

Teaches all ages: £15.75 per half hour individual, £8.00 per half hour group (max 4 children)

Theresa is one of Bath’s most experienced piano teachers. For over 25 years she has helped to realise the musical potential of all ages from the very young (4+) to the retired.

Theresa offers both individual and small group tuition of 30 minutes duration and includes the teaching of music theory within her lessons. All students gain experience playing a range of musical styles and Theresa encourages her pupils to take part in school concerts and local music festivals.

Along with her pupils at Combe Down Primary School Theresa has a private teaching practice and is a visiting piano teacher at King Edward’s Preparatory School.

Vivienne Dean BMus(Hons) LRAM, Piano Teacher         

Mob: 07766 502996

Teaches all ages: £15.50 per half hour individual, £8.00 per 15 minute individual

Viv provides individual piano lessons of either 15 or 30 minutes duration and offers a free taster lesson for those new to the instrument.

Students are encouraged to explore a variety of musical styles and engage with the creative skills of improvisation and composition.

As well as teaching privately Viv is also a visiting piano teacher at Kingswood Senior and Kingswood Preparatory Schools.

Guitar Lessons

Jimmy Goodrich, Guitar Teacher         

Mob: 07808 005903         

Teaches year 3 and up: £16.00 per half hour, individual only

Jimmy Goodrich has taught classical and rock guitar for over 10 years at Combe Down Primary School.

A seasoned performer in his own right, he has supported Amy Winehouse and Rufus Wainwright, and performed all over the world.

Students are taught everything from the very basics right up to grade 8 level examinations.

Jimmy holds an annual concert to showcase his student’s skills.

Singing Lessons

Paula Smagon MMus, PGCE Singing Teacher    

Mob: 07707 585466

Recording and Performing Artist Paula Jasmine James:
Paula Jasmine James

30min individual lesson £18.00 - Please note that the minimum age required is 8 years old.

Payments to be made at the beginning of term for the term ahead

30min paired lesson  £24 (for both children) - available if there is a suitable partner of the same level (during the pandemic the paired lessons are currently on hold).

Paula provides individual or paired lessons, which are personalized according to students’ needs.

Students will develop vocal technique, which then will be applied in variety of songs with a broad range of genres from pop and folk to rock and jazz.

Paula has performed as a jazz singer throughout Europe and she understands the importance of skills such as improvisation and performance, which she teaches to the highest level.

She is a qualified secondary music teacher and teaches vocal to around 40 private students on weekly basis.

Lessons take place on Tuesdays, during the normal school day.

Free 15min taster lessons are available at any point during the term. 

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