Teachers use two complementary forms of assessment; Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Assessment of Learning (AoL).

Teachers use a range of AfL strategies such as: observing, questioning, marking, self and peer assessment. We give our children regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. Research has shown that pupil involvement in the review process raises standards and empowers pupils to take action towards improving their performance.

Assessment of Learning occurs at the end of a topic or unit of work, the end of the year or the end of key stage. Teachers use a written test or task to assess learning.

Using AfL and AoL teachers are required to form a professional judgement of each child's progress three times a year. This is called Teacher Assessment and indicates the level at which a child is judged to be consistently working.

Teachers hold meetings individually with parents in the Autumn and Spring terms.  Parents receive an annual report in the Summer term. In addition to our parent consultation evenings parents are welcome to make an appointment to see their child's class teacher at any point in the year to discuss their child's progress.

Phonics Progress Check

In Year 1, children undergo the national phonics progress check. Children are asked to sound out and read 20 words and 20 made-up words. The result of this check are reported to parents and the Department for Education.

Statutory Assessments

In Year 2, at the end of Key Stage 1, children are assessed in reading, writing and maths. The children's levels are reported to the Department for Education and to parents.

In Year 6, at the end of Key Stage 2, children are assessed in reading, grammar and maths using formal written tests. Writing is assessed from a range of the child's written work during the final two terms of the year. The children's levels are reported to the Department for Education and to parents.

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