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Vision Statement

Our vision is to be an exceptional church school committed to investing in pupils’ lives. Our school is a place where staff and governors work in partnership with parents to provide a caring, stimulating environment built on Christian values; a school with high expectations where all are valued and nurtured.

If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you!  Matthew 13 : 31-32

It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.
Mark 4 : 30-32

These words of Jesus from the parable of the mustard seed are central to our vision for education. Our prevailing priority is to provide a high-quality education for all in our school community - pupils of all faiths and those of none - within a Christian context. This parable encompasses what we believe for our children and community about aspirations and we want our school to be for our children and families, like the mustard tree, a place where they can feel safe, happy and cared for.

Church School BoardOur Key Values of Respect, Compassion, Love, Forgiveness, Honesty and Trust, together with the British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance underpin and dovetail with our behaviour expectations and school ethos. 

We welcome those of all faiths and none and hope that our vision and values will inspire them to develop into adults who will be successful, confident individuals who enrich the lives of others.

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The Palladian Academy Trust Group of Schools

We are part of an academy of 11 schools known as the Palladian Academy Trust. There are 3 other church schools (St Philips Primary SchoolWidcombe Junior School and Winsley Primary School)  which are part of the trust; together we fall under the diocese of Bath & Wells and Salisbury

Combe Down Church of England Primary School Widcombe Winsley
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 Spirituality at Combe Down

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