Welcome to new parents/children!

We can't wait to welcome all our new pupils/parents/carers in September 2024 - we are so very excited to get to know you all! 

We would like to welcome you as part of our wonderful community here at Combe Down C of E Primary School. By choosing our school, you are choosing to join a warm, friendly and supportive environment in which all children can thrive and in which all feel valued and celebrated. At the heart of everything we do is the education and wellbeing of our pupils. It is our mission to facilitate rich learning and to provide opportunities that will allow our children to shine in wherever they go and whatever they do. 

At Come Down, we really value a partnership approach and strive to work collaboratively and supportively alongside parents and carers. It is by ensuring that communications between ourselves and you are done effectively that we can, in partnership, support your child to have the best experience and education. Our staff, right through from the Senior Leadership Team, the office staff and teaching staff will always endeavour to help, guide and indeed listen, at every step of the journey ahead, because we understand that a healthy home-school relationship and balance is key to our children feeling happy, safe and positive in their education.

So now we begin this magical journey together and can look forward to building many incredible moments and memories. At the forefront of this, we place a strong emphasis on the importance of your child’s induction and transition into life at Combe Down, and our staff are dedicated in getting to know each child, sensitively understanding that there is a precious, unique and talented person behind each face and name. It will be normal to experience nerves, anxiety and even a little excitement in this period, for you the parents and carers as much as the children. However, you can rest assured that we are here to support at any moment, that this is an important yet wonderful milestone and that everything will be ok! 

Once again, welcome to the family and we look forward to the adventures ahead! 

Attached is a Welcome Booklet for you with further information and below are some important dates for your diaries:-

Evening Presentation to Parents

There will be an evening presentation for parents to meet the team and to find out about Reception! You may choose one of these two dates:

Monday, 17th June. 18:00 - 19:00

Tuesday, 18th June. 18:00 - 19:00

These events will be held in the school hall.

After half term, you will receive an email link to sign up to Parent Mail - our email communication and will be invited to one of the following sessions. 

Stay and Play Session

24th June Monday - 15:30 - 16.15pm Settling in session in class. One adult to accompany a child. 15 children per session. 

27th June Thursday - 15:30 - 16.15pm Settling in session in class. One adult to accompany a child. 15 children per session. 

With warm wishes,

Mrs Bird, Mrs Gascoigne and the EYFS Team. 




Combe Down Induction 2024-25 Date  
Combe Down Induction Presentation 2024-25 24 Jun 2024 Download
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