Welcome to new parents/children!

We were very excited to welcome the new pupils/parents/carers who joined us in September 2020!

September 2020:
Below are three videos we created all about how we teach Phonics at Combe Down Primary School.  The slideshow in the first video can be accessed below: 


1.  Introduction and Overview, with Mr Wainer 

2. How we teach Phonics at Combe Down Primary School, with Miss Coles 

3. The Reading Pack explained, with Mr Roy

July 2020:

Mrs Gascoigne (our Headteacher) and other members of the Senior Leadership Team have been hard at work filming videos around the school site, as our new starters are not able to come and visit us for settling-in sessions as they usually would. 

We will shortly be sending our new parents/carers a letter introducing ourselves, and you can read our Induction Booklet (link on the left of this page), which we hope will answer any questions you have about joining our school. 

If you have any queries once you've watched the videos and read the booklet, please do not hesitate to contact our Early Years Lead, Mr Wainer:


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