Palladian Academy Trust

On 1st July 2016 we became a member of the Palladian Academy Trust (PAT) and in the following  months several other local schools joined us. The new multi-academy trust (MAT) is a group of like-minded local schools - all academies – that have chosen to work together in partnership for the benefit of our children’s education. The Trust – a group of geographically close secondary, primary, infant and junior schools - builds on existing good practice and collaborative work. It seeks to retain the ethos and identity of each school while enjoying and exploring the benefits of partnership.

  • Combe Down C of E Primary School

  • Fitzmaurice Primary School

  • Oldfield Park Infant School

  • Oldfield Park Junior School

  • Ralph Allen School (secondary school)

  • St Martin’s Garden Primary School

  • St Philip’s C of E Primary School

  • Westwood with Iford Primary School

  • Widcombe Infant School

  • Widcombe C of E Junior School

  • Winsley Primary School

An Executive Leadership Group meets regularly.  This is comprised of the headteachers of each school with Jo Marsh- once Business Director of Ralph Allen School - appointed as Chief Operating Officer.  Each one of the headteachers brings a wealth of experience to the group and is passionate about the learning of the young people in their care.  

The Palladian Academy Trust is a community of more than three thousand pupils and staff who work in our schools, and there is enormous potential for coming together as a community to provide enriched learning opportunities for every member of the Trust.

Why the name ‘Palladian Academy Trust’?

The Palladian Bridge in Prior Park is a local landmark and since bridges connect people, the group felt this was a very appropriate emblem. The new logo for the Trust reflects this.

About MATs

A MAT is a group of schools governed by one trust and a single board of directors. The board is responsible for decisions relating to how each academy is run, from curriculum to staffing.

Each of the academies within a MAT has a school governing body to which it delegates some of its functions, although the MAT remains overall accountable.

Contact Details/Further Information

CEO: Donna Tandy

Palladian Academy Trust Head office address:  Claverton Down Road, Bath  BA2 7AD

Company number: 08061092

For further details and regulatory information concerning Palladian Academy Trust, please click here

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