In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Maths, Literacy, Music, PE, RE and PSHE are taught discretely with links made to topics where possible. Science, History, Geography, Art and DT are combined in topics.  French is taught discretely in Key Stage 2. Please see the links below for specific Key Objectives by year group and subject.

Our topics are chosen to enthuse children and to create opportunities for cross-curricular learning, helping children to make sense of the world around us and providing a context for the teaching of key skills.

The topics for the 2019-2020 academic year are: 


Bible Stories, Space and the World, Growing, Transport, Habitats

Year 1

Dinosaurs, Space, Explorers, Into the Woods, Our Growing Garden, A Day at the Beach

Year 2

Castles and Knights, Journeys, Boat Building, Fire, Combe Down, Habitats

Year 3

Ancient Egyptians, Africa, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, Extreme Weather, The Second World War

Year 4

Roman Bath, Anglo-Saxons and Scots, Space, Islands, Rainforests

Year 5

Times of Discovery, Fit for Purpose?, Around the World in 28 days, Whatever Happened to The Mayans?, Choc Box and Mapping.

Year 6

The Ancient Greeks, Shima (Japan), The Stone Age, The Way of the Dodo, Our Future


Key Objectives by Year Group

Key Objectives by Subject

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