Year 4 Swimming Lesson

17 September 2021 Monkton Leisure Pool

e will begin our weekly swimming lessons on Friday 17th September 2021. We will be swimming at Monkton Combe pool every Friday for the whole school year, as when your child was in Year 3 they had very few swimming lessons. Beech 2 will leave at 12:30pm, Beech 1 will leave at 12.30pm up until 4th March 2022, when Beech 2 will leave at 12.30pm and Beech 1 will leave at 1:00pm.

We ask parents to make a voluntary contribution of £20.00 per child. The costs are based on all children in the year group taking lessons, and factors in the significant subsidy provided by the school.

Please ensure that each item of your child’s uniform and swimming kit is clearly labelled as things sometimes get muddled in the changing rooms! Swimming kit consists of trunks/shorts for boys and one-piece costumes for girls. A towel is also required, and goggles are optional.  If your child forgets their swimming kit, we telephone home on the first occasion only. If your child doesn’t have a swimming kit in school on a Friday they will walk along to Monkton with their class and sit at the pool-side to watch. Please can children wear their PE kit (with a school jumper) each Friday and bring their swimming kit in a bag, until further notice.

Please ensure you have given consent by Friday 10th September 2021 as your child will not be allowed to go swimming until consent has been given.

In order to be able to take the children swimming each week, we need 2 parent helpers per class who must be DBS checked (the school can arrange a DBS check for you).  If you are able to assist, please email the teachers directly to let them know which session(s) you can help with.  If we do not have enough parent helpers we will not be able to go.

If there are any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Miss Ferreira (Beech 1). Mrs Speller and Mrs Plummer (Beech 2);

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