Odd Socks Day, wear odd socks to school!

15 November 2021

Odd Socks day is held on the first day of the third week in November. The event is not only a great way to express uncanny styles, it’s also promoting a good cause.

The day is meant to remind us to think about our words before we say them and their effects on others.

Socks might not seem daring in the grand scheme of things, but they have their own etiquette. Style guides often state the color of socks should match the color of shoes, otherwise it’s a fashion faux pas. On Odd Socks Day, however, those rules can be forgotten!

Odd Sock Day first started in 2017 as a way to deter bullying in school.

With the rise of technology and the added pressure children face social media and at school, the Anti-Bullying Alliance created the day to remind people that it’s good to stand out. By expressing oneself without fear of judgment reaffirms the idea that being who you are is more than enough.

If we can appreciate someone else’s odd socks, we can also appreciate each individual’s differences.

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