Message from Mrs Gascoigne

30 April 2020

Thank you for all the positive comments we have received in regards the teachers efforts to set up and run our online leaning platform.  We would like to insist these are suggested activities and there is no formal expectation on work completion.  However, we hope that by using the platform your children will be able to access valuable educational resources. 

We have been very impressed with the way the children are interacting utilising this resource and the teachers have loved seeing your hard work! We would like to remind you to use this learning platform in a kind and supportive way.  Thank you parents for supporting the school by helping your child access the work. 

Parental consent for a student taking part on Microsoft teams learning platform is assumed by participation. The online account should be set up by a named adult who has the parental responsibility for the particular student. You can only access the platform by emailing your child's class teacher for a unique username and password. 

Our teaching staff are available to help online during the day and we expect the children to engage with the platform just as they would be expected to behave in school.  Parents, we would ask that you also ensure that your children are responding in a supportive and positive manner when working within our online platform.  

Mrs. Jane Gascoigne
Head teacher

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