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8 July 2022

What a super few weeks we have had at Combe Down…lots of positives to celebrate. Sadly, positive Covid tests are still occurring too!

Just look what has been happening:

  • Voices for Life - two wonderful evenings in Bath Abbey. Mrs Bird and I were so impressed by the children from across KS2. The enthusiasm and behaviour of Combe Down children was noticed by our CEO Mrs Tandy. They were on the front rows and were amazing ambassadors for Combe Down, Palladian Academy trust and the power of singing!
  • Musical concert - another extravaganza of musical talent. Children from across the school shared their skills and entertained us with singing, dancing, instrument playing, duets, solos and ensembles. It was a truly stunning evening bathed in sunshine. The children sang a beautiful blessing to us all at the end to draw the evening to a perfect close. Thank you to all the peripatetic teachers and you as parents for all you do to support music and the arts in our school. We are hugely grateful to Ms Paterson for her continued development of music in Combe Down. Well done to all.

    Thank you to the PTA team for the wonderful refreshments before the event and during the interval - on such a beautiful evening they were much appreciated. The school governors met on Thursday evening and commented on how wonderful the event had been.
  • Palladian Games - Year 2 and Year 6 were involved in this Sports event at Glasshouse - the first many such events we hope. There is a Twitter comment from some Year 2 children who really enjoyed the morning. Well done to all and thank you to Mr Mark Gunning for the organisation and all the sport’s leaders who helped throughout the day.
  • Induction meetings for our new parents whose children are due to join Early Years classes in September. Thank you to Mr Harris and Mr O’Neill for the organisation and preparation for the evening.
  • End of Year Museum in Holy Trinity Church – what a stunning celebration of our creative curriculum. I know many of you loved walking around with your children and looking at what might be happening next year too. Thank you to all the staff for the preparation.

    I especially want to thank Mrs Biffen and Miss Lowe for their organization. It was so good to see their vision from September come to life. The PTA provided refreshments once again - thank you.
  • Sports Day events on Wednesday – EYFS and Y1 at school and Y2,3,4,5,6 on Monkton Playing fields. It was so good to have parents cheering the children on and we were blessed with the perfect weather too. Well done to all who took part.

    Thank you to Mr Bibby, Mrs Thompson, Mrs King and Mr Lewis. Thank you to Mr Wainer and Mr O’Neill for decorating the playground so beautifully. More much needed refreshments from the PTA were available.
  • Meet your teacher for next year as Year 6 children visited their secondary schools on Thursday. We welcomed all the new reception children and their parents to school too. It is exciting to begin the journey with them all.

    Once again, the PTA were offering drinks to the parents and the chance to purchase pre-loved uniform.

The end of term is fast approaching and there is still much to take place.

Do tune into Twitter to get the latest updates on daily life in Combe Down.

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