Palladian Academy Trust Orchestra Taster Session - Y3-6

9 September 2022

Parents/Carers of KS2 musical children

If your child plays an instrument, and would like to try out the PAT orchestra (a collection of primary school children who rehearse once a week at Ralph Allen and who play at lots of local events) please bring them along to Ralph Allen School on Monday, 12th September at 5:45pm.  The rehearsal will finish at 7.15pm.  Parents can stay for a bit to find out more about the orchestra. 

It's a wonderful  opportunity for children to be part of the music-making process.  They don't need to be able to play very well, and are very well supported by a fantastic group of music teachers. (Keyboard and guitar players are welcome, as well as other more traditional orchestral instrument players!)

Ms Paterson (Music Lead)

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