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7 October 2022

What a super start to October we have had. The weather has generally been kind and children have been able to engage in purposeful learning both in and out of the classroom. It was lovely to see children creating Mesolithic houses this week and exploring the Stone Age practically. In another classroom I listened to children singing a new song introduced in Open the Book sessions and talked with children about their phonics. Further classes were engaged in exploring music. The school felt really settled, enterprising and motivated.

In addition, we enjoyed welcoming parents to our Harvest celebrations in Holy Trinity Church. After so long of not being able to open up events to parents and relatives, we were delighted to have such a great take-up. It was lovely to have Rev. Tim Lewis with us on both occasions. Tim is part of the 'Open the Book' team and is well known to the children. I am aware that parents enjoyed the celebration - a thank you email was received: “Thank you to all those responsible for the Harvest Festival service yesterday. It was lovely to see so many happy little faces enjoying an important annual school event.”

A huge thank you to all who contributed towards the collection of food items for us to give to the foodbank. We know how hard things are for so many at the moment and yet there has been so much generosity.

A couple of weeks ago, Mrs Bird led a collective worship around a book that considered animals that had become extinct. Children were asked for ideas to prevent this happening to more animals. They explored the term Courageous Advocacy. ‘Courageous Advocacy’ refers to the act of speaking out against an issue of injustice, often on behalf of those whose voice is not heard. Speaking out, at whatever level this takes place, requires an element (and sometimes a great deal) of courage! It is more than raising money for charities and worthwhile causes, it is about having a true sense of social action – looking beyond ourselves and striving, as a church school, to reflect our values and vision, to treat all with dignity and respect and speak out. What I witnessed in MAD club this week, were children who were very aware of the Ukrainian situation and wanted to do something practical – they were recycling old cards and creating greeting cards to sell to raises funds for projects in the Ukraine but also in Uganda where were have a link with another school.

All term we have been exploring RESPECT as our value. Here is the Home School Values resource that you can share together. It is so important that we have shared understanding of our values and uphold them in order that our children develop into responsible citizens. In school, when children have issues and worries or disagree, we listen to both sides of the story and talk about how we might make things better. We show respect by listening and not making snap decisions. By doing this we can hear how the other is feeling and better understand how the situation has affected them. This then links with other values of honesty, compassion and forgiveness. We appreciate your partnership in reflecting our core values.

Trust-wide this week, children from Year 6 have been involved in a successful Tag Tails event at Glasshouse. Well done Combe Down. I know you enjoyed the morning.

Cards, MAD Club

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