Author of the month

6 January 2023

This January we will be celebrating two fantastic authors.  

The KS2 Author of the Month is Kwame Alexander.  Kwame, originally from the USA, lives in London and has written over 30 books, both prose and poetry, for children and young adults.  His sports-themed books, Crossover, Booked and Rebound, appeal to a wide audience, often those who are keen on sports themselves.  He has also written picture books concerning the environment, such as ‘Surf’s Up!’, for younger readers. 

In KS1 and Year 3, Tom Percival has caught our attention.  Tom’s collection of books entitled ‘Bright Feelings’ have gained enormous popularity due to their gentle exploration of feelings we all encounter, from anger in ‘Ravi’s Roar’ to worrying in ‘Ruby’s Worry’.  The beautiful illustration and use of bright colour make these titles very engaging.  For slightly older or more confident readers, the books of the ‘Little Legends’ series are an attractive and accessible first chapter book, with 6 titles published so far. 

Please do look for these authors if you visit the library or a bookshop this January.  We have many of the books in school and teachers will be sharing the stories and excerpts with the children to whet their appetites for more! 

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