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Combe Down Primary School

We believe that the more information parents have about the school curriculum the better able they are to support their children at home. In these sections you will find comprehensive curriculum documentation. If you have any further questions please contact the relevant subject leader (see Staffing page) or Mrs Bird, the Deputy Head.

The Combe Down Curriculum is designed to deliver the key objectives of the National Curriculum while also developing the key skills for each subject through a creative, stimulating approach to learning.  Reception follow the Early Year Foundation Stage curriculum. For more information please see Foundation Curriculum.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Maths, Literacy, Music, PE, RE and PSHE are taught discretely with links made to topics where possible. Science, History, Geography, Art and DT are combined in topics.  French is taught discretely in Key Stage 2. Please see the links below for specific Key Objectives by year group and subject.

Our topics are chosen to enthuse children and to create opportunities for cross-curricular learning, helping children to make sense of the world around us and providing a context for the teaching of key skills.

The topics for the 2021-2022 academic year are: 


All About Me! Terrific Tales! Amazing Animals! To Infinity and Beyond! Come Outside, Where Do You Live? 

Year 1

Toys, Tell Me a Story, Motion and Energy, It's a Wonderful World! The Giant Jam Sandwich! Weather

Year 2

Expeditions, The Gunpowder Plot, The Great Fire of London, Oceans, Australia, Habitats

Year 3

Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ancient Egypt, Life in Bath

Year 4

The Celts, Romans & Anglo-Saxons, Rainforests, Field to Feast

Year 5

Vikings: Raiders or Traders? Extreme Earth, Whatever Happened to the Mayans? The Chocolate Challenge,  Around the World in 30 Days, How Does Water Affect Our Lives? 

Year 6

The Georgians, Shima! World War 2, Ancient Greece, Way of the Dodo/Darwin's Voyage, Climate Change

Curriculum Updates

Year groups post weekly curriculum and homework details in the sections devoted to their year group (click on 'Class Blogs' from the top menu).


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